Welcome to the part where you convert your Email Copy Skill To Cash$$.

Please READ the instructions below before proceeding...

In this module, we have outlined different ways in which you can get clients for your email copywriting skill. 

They are divided into parts – part 1, part 2, and so on. 

All of them work but DON’T try to do everything all at once. 

If you can combine part and part 2 then fine. 

The goal is to give you options just incase one favors you more than the other. 

But then again, keep things simple and go easy on yourself.

When you watch either one, swing into action imediately. 

Don’t wait to watch ALL parts before you get started. 

Hope that is clear?


Part 1: How to Land Clients/Jobs With Email Marketing Agencies

Part 2: How To Land Clients/Jobs Using Upwork

Step 1 - The winners mindset hack to succeeding on Upwork

Step 2 - How to sign up and get approved on Upwork

Step 3 - Now let's set up your Upwork profile for success

Step 4 - Time to go fishing for clients on Upwork

Step 5 - Now let's craft job-winning proposals/cover letter that gets responses

Part 3: How to Get Clients With Cold Emails

Step 1 - Introduction to Cold Emails

Step 2 - Approaches To Cold Emails

Step 3 - How To Write High Converting Cold Emails

You must follow up cold email clients if they don’t respond to your emails. Download the document below for followup scripts.